Swop your news 5 | How to…

How to..

This 5th Swop Your News newsletter is a bit different! It will not be about our great new members (there are absolutely but we will cover them later this month) but on how to… as promised in the previous newsletter!

Early next week there again will be special newsletter…

When you log in Swop Your Stay, click on your login name (for me Sysadmin), you will see a drop down menu with Dashboard on top. Click on it, you will come in the above showed. Whenever your have notifications (like a request for a Swop or a message from a member) you will see the number of notifications next to the notifications word. Click on Notifications will show you…

The read and unread notifications
For example you see I have received a message from Gardenroutesafaricamp, that I have an accepted booking and that I had a pending booking. I have read them all so they are in the read tab (under the dashboard word you can choose Unread or read). Clicking on the notification will lead me to the message or to the booking..

By clicking on the notification, you will be lead to the message

Start a new message..

  1. Click on the sign for a new message (first arrow)
  2. Type the first letter of the member you want to message (second arrow). You can find the names of the members by typing a first letter (like the a) or you find the name when you go to the accommodation you want to contact, see below. 
  3. Also from the accommodation page you can start a message by clicking Message host..

Invite potential new members!

New members for Swop Your Stay can be reached in 2 ways:
 –> community members can invite potential new members via the personal menu – email invites (see below)
–> community members can also email info@swopyourstay.com. Robbert and Maaike will then approach the potential member themselves.

Send a personal mail to the potential new member explaining why you think he/she would be a perfect fit with Swop Your Stay!

In both cases, a check will be made to see whether the accommodation is suitable for Swop Your Stay.

If the potential member actually signs up, you will receive 6 credits!

And that is it! Using the tools in your dashboard will make it so much easier to Swop, to contact other members, to enjoy Swop Your Stay!

We hope that the community will grow quickly and that there will be a lot of ‘swopping’ in the coming time! 

Enjoy Swop Your Stay and thank you so much for sharing with other colleagues in the industry!

If you have any questions, we are always ready to answer them!
Robbert & Maaike

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