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How It Works


The basic principle of Swop Your Stay is that you allow affiliated members to stay in available rooms of your accommodation, that you earn so-called ‘credits’ and that you with these earned ‘credits’ can stay all over the world with all affiliated members of the Swop Your Stay community without payment of money.


    The annual contribution at Swop Your Stay is €195, - (ex. VAT) Each member receives 6 credits annually for this.


    When you register your account you will receive a welcome bonus of 10 credits.


    You will receive 6 credits for recruiting a new member for Swop Your Stay.


    All meals, drinks and activities are not included in the Swop and therefore are a way for the host to earn cash next to the credits the host will receive.

All calculations are done automatically and visible in a live booking form.

The Swop Credits system.

You pay for sleeping at an affiliated member of Swop Your Stay with so-called “credits”. You will receive so-called credits for hosting an affiliated member at your accommodation.

You pay / receive 1 credit per person who stays overnight. With a minimum of 2 credits per room.

When you start.

In total, as a new member, you will receive 16 credits in the first year (10 credits as a welcome bonus 6 on annual basis). These credits provide the foundation of your SYS adventure, it’s now up to you what to do…

Save or discover?

After registration you could immediately go on an adventure with your first credits. It is possible to spend these 16 credits for a total of 8 nights for 2 persons. But of course you can also wait and receive guests yourself to earn even more credits for longer trips.


Your credits, you’re adventure, you decide.


Example calculation:

1 person in a room 2 credits

2 persons in a room 2 credits

3 persons in a room 3 credits

4 persons in a room 4 credits


  • Explore & Travel

    Travel to other accommodations and stay for free.

  • Community

    Meet other accommodation owners and inspire each other / share experiences

  • Free credits

    Fill the empty rooms / beds in your own accommodation

  • Gifts

    Treat your staff, family and friends with free holidays / weekend trips

Additional advantages:

  1. In addition to earning credits for an otherwise empty room, you can also earn some money by selling meals, drinks, tours, etc.
  2. A Swop Your Stay guest can recommend your accommodation online (Tripadvisor / Zoover), but of course also to friends and acquaintances.
  3. Benefit of free marketing on all Swop your Stay social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, website, newsletters)
  4. You can take anyone to the location you always wanted to go to and stay at some of the nicest places and pay only with Swop Your Stay credits.

Basic rules:

  1. Members of the Swop Your Stay community who come to stay at your accommodation will be treated like all other guests are and should be treated.
  2. Children < 2 years are free
  3. Money is paid for all meals, drinks and snacks during a Swop (stay).
  4. All members of the community do their best to answer requests within 24 hours
Become a member.

Ready to go on free adventures?

Start your journey with 16 credits, that are 8 nights for 2 persons at any accommodation available. By filling your empty rooms or by letting other community members stay at your place, you earn more credits to use for yourself or to treat your family or staff members!

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