How to Swop?

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How to..

Making a Swop request is not at all difficult within the Swop Your Stay platform. But of course it can be handy if you have an instruction manual to help you. Therefore we have made a 5 sheets explanation how to request and how to receive a Swop (in 1 instruction). Of course you can always send us an email if anything is not totally clear for you!
We do hope you have a wonderful time during your Swops and we hope you will indeed discover the world using Swop Your Stay!!

Just follow the numbers per page and watch the arrows and the text.

The Swop process in text
The Swop process photo 1
The Swop process photo 2
The Swop process photo 3
The Swop process photo 4
The Swop process photo 5

And that is it! Doing it once will make this instruction completely obsolete we hope.


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