Our story.

About us

From our passion for travel to the start of this Wonderful community.

The Swop Your Stay platform is not about us, it is about you all. We are here for you! We have created a place where you can meet fellow hotel owners, where you can stay at beautiful places by only paying with credits earned by letting fellow members sleep in your empty rooms!


About us.

We are Maaike and Robbert from the Netherlands where we have worked and lived most of our life. We both have worked in retail, Maaike mainly as an interim manager in marketing and category management, Robbert as a financial specialist in numerous roles. We live in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a small village close to Amsterdam where we have designed and built our own water house.

Explore & meet.

We have travelled the world! We have seen around 52 countries and counting, where we have spent holidays, where we have travelled and made new friends. We love to travel, to see all the beauty the world has to offer and to meet new people.

How it started.

A few years ago, we were given the opportunity to open and run a boutique B&B in Hout Bay, South Africa. We loved it! Meeting new people, making guests having the best time, it was a wonderful experience! In South Africa we came in contact with 2 systems working on the swop principle. These systems gave us the opportunity to explore southern Africa for almost free. We have spent so many nights on the swop principle and saved so much money doing this. Certainly, in the Corona pandemic time, when our own B&B was almost completely empty and we didn’t earn a lot of money, the swop principle was a blessing!

As we liked the Swop principle so much, a new community and business idea was born. We wanted to build a system that has the potential to open up the world to all B&B and hotel owners, with many places we’ve visited ourselves in 52 countries as a base.

We hope you’ll have a great time being part of the Swop Your Stay community, that you will meet inspiring new people, that you will explore the world on your credits and that you will become an ambassador for Swop Your Stay!



Maaike and Robbert


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